Want to start the week off right? Let’s talk about beauty resolutions! If you’re ready to keep your skin glowing and your makeup looking flawless, we’ve got some great top tips for you. From cleaning your makeup brushes, to getting a good night’s sleep, here’s everything you need to  know about our beauty resolutions for a powerful year…

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Tackling Your Makeup Problems

We know the feeling, you’re about to go on a big night out, or a date with a match made in heaven, and bang your makeup game has gone from a banging 10 to a straight 0. Now what do you do? It’s happened to the best of us, you’re reaching for perfection but you fall short, and now you’re stuck battling the true monster of the metaphorical makeup queen.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some top tips in tackling your makeup problems so stay tuned…

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Joining the Wonderful SCCCI - An Exciting Prospect

We never stop here at Rosie’s Beauty and we’re always looking for new adventures to begin! This week we’ve got some very exciting to news to share with you all! We’re thrilled to have joined the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an organisation that helps us to connect with those with collective interests and really develop the community spirit we’ve already build here at Rosie’s Beauty.

Who Are The SCCCI?

The SCCCI aims to connect local businesses together and offer brilliant networking opportunities, which us girls at Rosie’s Beauty can attend. They will organise and promote any plans that will help grow and directly benefit those in the surrounding areas. It is an amazing opportunity for us as we share our knowledge with others and engage in conversations with those at the networking events. They’ve provided a great platform to share experiences and the best practices to create an enriched community, which thrives here at the salon.

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