3 Interesting And Easy Ways To Organise Your Makeup

When you’re in a rush, it’s impossible to keep your makeup organised and even more impossible to find that one beauty product that you really need. If you often find a lipstick here and there, or a dried-up mascara at the bottom of your makeup bag, it’s definitely time for a change…

Out With The Old And In With The New

One of the very first things to do when organising your makeup is to make sure you have binned anything that’s been open, past it’s sell by date and products that are simply dry or non-useable.

Your next step is to determine whether the products that can be used, you actually will use. If not, you could sell them to others, give them to family and friends so that they don’t go to waste, or even reuse them as different makeup products.

Why not use an eyeliner as a lipliner, or a lipstick as a blush? Be more experimental with your makeup, especially if you want to get good use and good value for money out of them.

Clean Your Products And Make Them New

You may need to clean your products, because we all know that our makeup gets everywhere, right?

The endless foundation stains, and those small blobs of mascara that just seem to get everywhere? The best thing to do is to use a makeup wipe and wipe down every makeup product you have. This will get any residue makeup off, and your products clean and ready to use. 

Organise And Section Your Products

Now your products are spritzed and sparkling, you now need to organise where everything should go.

Whether that’s organised in makeup bags, or in storage, you should categorise each section. You may want to section your makeup in some of the following areas:

 Luxury vs Budget
 Everyday vs Evening
 Skincare vs Makeup

We Need Storage

One of the perfect ways to get your makeup organised is to buy storage units. It is important to note that you don’t always have to buy storage you can create your own DIY version.

The best storage units are usually the classic see-through acrylic drawers. It is a simplistic design with a set of 3-5 drawers, with a sectioned top to add lipsticks, lipliners and even your brushes. If you checked out our previous post, you can gets some tips and tick how to clean your makeup brushes.

Each drawer can be organised as of above, or even in the order of which products you use first to apply your makeup. This is an effective way of organising your products as it is a practical in using and putting your makeup away.

Why Not Recycle Your Storage?

One of the best ways to organise and save money is DIY. You can use spice racks, toothbrush holders, small plant pots, jars, magazine racks and shoe holders. Any of these would be the perfect substitute for a shop bought storage organiser.

You could repaint your plant pots or jars and use them to store your makeup brushes. A small magazine rack can be decorative to hold your makeup palettes which clears up some space, if you would prefer to use your makeup bag for the rest of your everyday makeup products.  

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