Top Tips In Tackling Your Makeup Problems

We know the feeling, you’re about to go on a big night out, or a date with a match made in heaven, and bang your makeup game has gone from a banging 10 to a straight 0. Now what do you do? It’s happened to the best of us, you’re reaching for perfection but you fall short, and now you’re stuck battling the true monster of the metaphorical makeup queen.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some top tips in tackling your makeup problems so stay tuned…

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Joining The Wonderful SCCCI – An Exciting Prospect

We never stop here at Rosie’s Beauty and we’re always looking for new adventures to begin! This week we’ve got some very exciting to news to share with you all! We’re thrilled to have joined the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an organisation that helps us to connect with those with collective interests and really develop the community spirit we’ve already build here at Rosie’s Beauty.

Who Are The SCCCI?

The SCCCI aims to connect local businesses together and offer brilliant networking opportunities, which us girls at Rosie’s Beauty can attend. They will organise and promote any plans that will help grow and directly benefit those in the surrounding areas. It is an amazing opportunity for us as we share our knowledge with others and engage in conversations with those at the networking events. They’ve provided a great platform to share experiences and the best practices to create an enriched community, which thrives here at the salon.

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Every Gorgeous Nail Colour You Need To Wear This Season

When the holiday season is fast approaching, and you know your Instagram will soon be full of Summer filled Boomerang’s and sunsets, you know it’s time to get your nails done. Whether that’s simply having a bright coloured nail varnish, or gel nails or even acrylics, we all know how much time goes into picking the best colour for that week long holiday in Spain, (or if you’re really really lucky the Maldives!)

But with so many colours to choose from at Rosie’s, you don’t want to be sat there forever trying to pick your favourite one, so here’s every gorgeous nail colour you need to wear this season…

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3 Face Masks You Need To Test Out

We all know what it’s like, you’ve suddenly had a break out and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’re having a stressful week and want to relax. Well, the first thing that people often revert to is a good old fashioned face mask. But how do you find the perfect one suited to your skin?

What if your go-to face mask is out of date?

Or if it actually makes your skin more dry or oily?

And what if you simply need something to cleanse and purify your skin?

Face masks are becoming increasingly popular and with so much choice out there, it can be super difficult to find the best one. To help you out we’ve got 3 face masks you need to test out…

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The Best Nail Care Products For A Gorgeous Year

Let me guess, your hands are dry, your nails aren’t as strong as they used to be and they’re just not looking as lovely as you want them to be? Sounds familiar huh? Well, you’re definitely in need of some nail care products!

Keeping your nails in pristine condition is a constant battle, but with the right products and the right routine, you’ll soon be on your way to gorgeous looking hands and strong nails.

But where do you even begin? How do you find products suited to your budget? Or that will even help you with the problems you’re currently having?

We’ve got the best nail care products for a gorgeous year…

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3 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Sometimes in life, you don’t have time to keep topping up your makeup and checking that it looks perfect every 5 minutes. But maybe you’re thinking, how can you look a 10/10 for the whole day, and still be looking as good as Beyonce, even on a Monday.

Maybe you’re planning on going out with the girls, or maybe you’re hitting up the gym after work, and need your makeup to last that little bit longer?

You’re in need of a quick solution to help your makeup stay on longer, and help guarantee that glow. But, seriously how?

Luckily for you, we’ve got the top three tips to make your makeup last longer to help you really feel gorgeous for the whole day…

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