Top Tips In Tackling Your Makeup Problems

Tackling Your Makeup Problems

We know the feeling, you’re about to go on a big night out, or a date with a match made in heaven, and bang your makeup game has gone from a banging 10 to a straight 0. Now what do you do? It’s happened to the best of us, you’re reaching for perfection but you fall short, and now you’re stuck battling the true monster of the metaphorical makeup queen.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some top tips in tackling your makeup problems so stay tuned…

#1 Lipstick On Your Teeth…

One makeup problem that can occur is having makeup on your teeth. Now we all love lipstick, with glittery ones, to matte ones to hundreds and hundreds of different shades, what’s not to love as we know there’s always going to be one to sit you. But, that dreaded question “have I got lipstick on my teeth?” is one that we often say to the girls on a night out. So how do we stop this from happening?

Our top tip for this one is to simply apply it with a brush, that way it’ll last longer and won’t spread to your teeth because you’re really packing that pigment on. Or if you’re not a big fan of using brushes, or you’re in a bit of a rush, you can use the DIY method and blot your lips with a tissue and then sandwich it in with another layer of a matching lip liner to stop that transfer from happening.

#2 Is Your Makeup Is Melting Off?

Another makeup problem that we all despise, is the thought of spending so long doing your makeup, for it only to melt off later in the day. Your best option for this one, is to try a primer! They work magic in smoothing out the texture of your face, and making it even so that when you apply your makeup on top you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

There are a variety of primers with ranging price ranges, and matched perfectly to your skin type. One thing to note is that if your skin is a little bit oily, you may be best using a mattifying primer on your t zone to help your makeup from smudging or creasing too.

One of our favourites is the Daily Essential Express Hydration Primer, perfect for normal to combination skin providing you with 24 hours moisture. You can’t go wrong with this affordable hydrating primer, you can even check their 4.8/5 star reviews too! Or you can check out Skin Health Spa’s selection of primers, and with the added benefit of their amazing team, they can easily help you choose the perfect one matched to your skin type.

#3 Blend, Blend, Blend…

One of the most important tips and tricks we can teach you in today’s blog is to always blend. Whether that’s your eyeshadow or your foundation, it’s a important tip to remember. Now we know sometimes this happens, but it can be avoidable. Take the extra time to blend your makeup in correctly. If we’re looking at applying foundation, remember to blend it down your neck and potentially down to your chest, depending on what outfit you are wearing. You can also blend your eyeshadow effortlessly, if you ensure that you are using the correct brushes and that you are washing them correctly. You want a blending brush and a definer brush, so that you have one smaller and more studier brush, and one larger brush with looser fibres. You will then need to find a makeup brush shampoo that with work effectively, without a high cost or high levels of time and effort, have a quick research into the best ones near you.

Tackling All Your Makeup Problems…

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the latest makeup trends, tips and tricks, but we can help you out. If you’re struggling to get your makeup on point, book in for an appointment with us and we can get you glammed up for your next occasion, night out or simply a little treat for yourself. Speak to our team today

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