What Is Included In A File And Polish Treatment?

file and polish

With technology changing and various new treatments being developed, sometimes you just want to stick to what you know and opt for a simple file and polish treatment. But with many beauty salons and parlours now choosing to not include this salon service at all, it’s becoming increasingly impossible to find a spot to sit and relax while you get your nails painted. 

If you want to know if a file and polish is still the same as when you were young, or simply want your nails painted for the weekend and don’t want the hassle of soaking your nails off before work on Monday, here’s what to expect from a file and polish treatment…

What Is A Shape And Polish?

A file and polish treatment is very much the same as a shape and polish. It is a basic manicure treatment that will leave your nails looking gorgeous. 

The treatment will typically begin with you sitting down at one of our lovely nail desks with one of our beauty therapists facing you. You will be offered the option of a hot or cold drink, ready for you to sit and relax. 

If necessary, we will remove any nail varnish or polish that is already on your nails. We will then begin to start shaping and filing your nails to your preferred shape. The most popular shapes often include either square, rounded, or a mixture of both, squoval.

Once you’ve spent some time browsing our collection of colours, we will help you find the best one suitable for you. Whether that’s pink, yellow, or blue, we will then start painting your nails leaving them looking perfect. 

How Long Does A File And Polish Take?

Typically file and polish treatments take around 15 minutes. This time includes choosing the perfect colour and the painting of your nails. If you wish to have nail varnish removed, the total treatment time may be increased to around 20 minutes, so it is best to let us know prior to your appointment so we can allocate you the right amount of relaxation time. 

How Long Does Nail Polish Take To Dry Completely?

A popular question often asked in the beauty world. With our fast-drying top coat your nails will be touch dry in 5 minutes but they can still smudge or chip for up to 8 hours after this.

We recommend blocking out as much time as possible in your day to ensure that there is plenty of drying time after your treatment. Try and leave them at least eight hours for maximum drying time, and avoid knocking them on anything. For some great tips on how to speed up the drying time, check out this blog.

Getting The Perfect File And Polish Nails…

A file and polish is almost like a mini manicure and is perfect for anyone who is a little bit time conscious and wants to treat themselves. We have a hardworking team of beauty enthusiasts who can get your nails glammed up and looking gorgeous. For more information about our services, get in touch or book today