3 Nail Art Designs You Need To See

Everybody loves a bit of nail art, whether you’re having that extra bit of pizazz for a special occasion or just as a little treat, it looks amazing. There are so many different ways to get creative with your nail art too, as well as various designs you can choose from. 

It’s very on trend at the moment and can be the perfect addition to your nails for summer this year. You can go wild with your designs or play it safe and go simple, no matter what you choose it can really take your nails to the next level.

To help you gather some next nail ideas for your next appointment, here’s three amazing nail art designs you need to see…

#1 Spice Up Your Life…

Nail Art Designs
Nail Art Designs

One of the most amazing nail art designs we’ve created in 2019 was this gorgeous Spice Girls themed set. Our client was off to one of their wonderful shows on their most recent tour. We incorporated every single member into each nail and they looked fabulous!

This set had to be in our top three, simply to show you how wonderful nail art is and how well it matches to any event. We’re always willing to try new things here at Rosie;’s Beauty, and it was super exciting to create a set, sending us major nostalgic vibes back from the 90’s. 

#2 Simple But Stunning…

Nail Art Designs

At number two is a simple nail art design that is elegant and stunning. This nail design is great for summer and can work perfectly for those with short nails or long nails.

We’re loving this gorgeous set because the colours are so bright and super summery. If you love this set just as much as we do, but what to mix up the colours, you can check out other versions we’ve created of this nail art design in our gallery or on our Facebook and Instagram.

#3 Rocky Horror Show…

Nail Art Designs
Nail Art Designs

Our final nail art design in out top three is this amazing set created all for our client’s event. Our wonderful client was going to see the Rocky Horror Show and wanted themes nails perfect for this special occasion. And we did exactly that!

We also matched these stunning nails with some stunning makeup looks too, so make sure you check those out too here

We’re still in love with this set, it’s so lovely with the intricately designed nail art and beautiful ombre glitter. The ruby red colour is so stunning and bright that it makes this set really stand out from the crowd. 

Get The Perfect Nail Art Designs Here…

If you’re looking for some more inspiration for your next set of nails, feel free to check out our Pinterest account. Here at Rosie’s Beauty, we can help you to design your nail art masterpiece and leave you feeling refreshed after a trip to our salon. From services in file and polish, shellac and acrylics, we’ve got you covered. Plus, it’s only 50p per nail for added nail art, so book your appointment today and avoid disappointment. Get booked in…

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