Is A French Manicure Right For You?

In recent months the french manicure has made a major comeback in 2019. It’s been a stunning style since the 70s, and in the lates 90s and early 2000s began to rise in popularity. The french tip has recently been seen on some of the biggest stars of our decade. From the likes of Ariana Grande in her music video Thank U Next, to Nicole Kidman in one of her most recent films, Boy Erased and finally Kylie Jenner on her Instagram account.

But not only are celebs taking on the classic nail trend, many are choosing to do the same and adapt them into a more modern design. Instead of your typical white tip, many are opting for bright colours or glitters. With so many new creations of the nostalgic french nails, how do you know if it’s right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about a french manicure…

The Best French Manicure Colours…

A classic french set often uses a neutral colour, typically a natural pink, beige or nude polish and white to use for the tip. When we’re doing a set of french nails, whether that’s shellac or acrylics, we often use two colours in our CND range. These being Beau, for a nice and natural peach coloured pink and Cream Puff for the white tip. They’re the perfect combination for an elegant set of nails. 

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even swap your white pink for a brighter colour. Our top three colours that we love are Creekside, Jellied, Coquette which are all gorgeous pastel colours perfect for any time of year. 

Is A French Manicure Right For You?

A french set isn’t for everyone, but it is a timeless classic that will always remain as a prevalent and popular design in the 21st century. And the benefit is that you can do so much with your nails. 

Take Kim Kardashian’s square french tips for example shown at 2018’s Met Gala, or Taryn Multacks’ rainbow set, there’s plenty to have a play around with. You have the option of having a french manicure with gel, on short or long nails, or even an ombre design. 

A french manicure is different to a french set too. Often with a manicure, you will get a warm soak or scrub, followed by a massage. You will then also have your cuticles trimmed back, your nails thoroughly cleaned and your hands moisturised. This process varies from salon to salon as not every business is the same.

How To Get Precise Tips…

If you’re doing your own french set it can be super difficult to get precise tips. That’s why we would recommend visiting a professional salon with a highly experienced team. We can create you a gorgeous set of french nails, in both shellac and acrylics. All you need to do is book in with one of our lovely girls from the Rosie’s Beauty team. To book an appointment, give us a call, pop into the salon, or book through our online system