French Shellac: How To Get Gorgeous Nails

We’ve spoken about CND shellac and french manicures before, but what about french shellac? The nail industry is buzzing about the use of shellac and how it has become a long-lasting manicure without chips, scratches, and minimal breaks. So if you’re interested in sticking with what you know with a timeless classic french set, then a set of french shellac is perfect for you. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get gorgeous nails with an elegant set…

How To Get Gorgeous Nails…

Getting gorgeous nails is almost like a step-by-step process, you can begin with your natural nails and leave with shiny new ones. Plus there’s always the benefit of it being super easy and quick to have shellac put on your nails, no need to wait around for them to dry! It’s the best way to keep your nails looking lovely for up to two weeks with CND! 

What Is French Shellac?

Nearly all beauty salons across Nantwich and Cheshire offer clients the option of french nails, whether that’s using shellac or for on acrylic nails. The treatment typically begins with a cleansing of your nails, this could be removing any preexisting shellac or nail varnish. You may also get some cuticle work and after this, your nails will then be filed and shaped to your desired style. 

Your nails will then be primed with a base coat which is cured with an LED lamp. Each coat of polish will then be applied and cured like the base coat. Start to finish all in around 30 minutes!

Our two most popular french shellac colours are Beau, for a nice and natural peach coloured pink and Cream Puff for the white tip.

Step 1 Of Getting Gorgeous Nails…

We know how difficult it can be to keep your nails healthy outside of the salon. Try to avoid picking and causing any damage to your nails as much as possible. We can help shape and trim your nails and work our magic on your cuticles so there’s nothing to worry about.

You can even apply some CND Solar Oil, (you can buy this in the salon) to help your cuticles and nails get those natural nutrients they need, keeping your hands looking and feeling fresh and revitalised. 

Step 2: Pick The Best Salon…

Another tip in getting the best nails is to find a salon who has an experienced team who is knowledgeable in the industry. You want to know you are in safe hands and can rely on your chosen member of the team to make your nails fabulous. 

Even an extra pair of hands in picking your next colour can be very advantageous! 

Step 3: Sit Back And Relax…

Once you’ve found the perfect salon you can simply sit back and relax whilst having your nails done. After all, you’re in trusted hands so you’ll know that the person doing your nails will do a fabulous job and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and with some lovely looking nails.Don’t forget that it all happens again in a few weeks time when you book back in. We can get your nails looking fabulous with some stunning CND products, a talented team of beauty enthusiasts and plenty of tunes from the station that is Magic. You can even book in with us through our Booksy app, simply click the link and we’ll see you soon for a pamper!

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