LVL Treatment In Nantwich, Cheshire

What Is An LVL?

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift. It is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions and has been designed to dramatically enhance the client's natural lashes. 


How Does An LVL Work?

The treatment involves lifting, rather than curling the lashes and incorporates a tint. Together with this tint, it creates a fabulous illusion of linger and thicker lashes.


How Long Does An LVL Take & Last?

The LVL treatment and tint takes about 1 hour. LVL does not use adhesives or lash extensions, it lasts up to 8 weeks and results are immediate.


Is Maintenance Required?

No, our LVL treatment does not involve any lash extensions so it doesn't require regular salon visits. However, 4 weeks after the LVL treatment an eyelash tint can be topped up to make the eyelashes darker.

Book An LVL Treatment In Cheshire Today

We offer LVL treatments from our luxurious salon in the heart of Nantwich, Cheshire. Priced at £40 per treatment, you can book in with our team today! Simply call us on 01270 747 447, email or click here to book through our online booking system.

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