Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Sometimes in life, you don’t have time to keep topping up your makeup and checking that it looks perfect every 5 minutes. But maybe you’re thinking, how can you look a 10/10 for the whole day, and still be looking as good as Beyonce, even on a Monday.

Maybe you’re planning on going out with the girls, or maybe you’re hitting up the gym after work, and need your makeup to last that little bit longer?

You’re in need of a quick solution to help your makeup stay on longer, and help guarantee that glow. But, seriously how?

Luckily for you, we’ve got the top three tips to make your makeup last longer to help you really feel gorgeous for the whole day…

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Cleaning your make up brushes, and even your sponges can be an annoying and time-consuming chore. But it’s important to clean them in order to remove any built-up bacteria, germs, dirt, oil and any excess products left on such as your foundation. Without doing this, it can cause breakouts and blemishes on your skin and can make it harder for your skin to recover. So, think honestly when did you last clean your brushes?

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