What Is The Cost Of A Pedicure?

Pedicures are a wonderful way to keep your feet looking and feeling fresh, after being on them all day. Just think about it, whenever you go anywhere it’s typically your feet that become tired after walking about for what feels like forever. Whether you’re suffering with yellow-tinted toenails, hard and dead skin, or in desperate need of some cuticle care, a pedicure is the perfect thing.

Looking after your feet is an important task that many of us forget about. The soles of your feet are almost twenty times thicker than any other type of skin or part on your body, so isn’t about time you soften up those feet? Here’s everything you need to know about pedicures and the cost of a pedicure…

What Is A Pedicure?

In basic terms, a typical pedicure involves having your feet soaked in a foot bath, massaged with a lotion or scrub, any dead skin is then filed, and your nails are painted with either polish or shellac. But again much like a French Manicure, the treatment varies from salon to salon. 

After your treatment, your feet and lower legs should feel moisturised and relaxed after a gentle and soothing massage as well as your nails shaped and polished perfectly. A pedicure is very much like a manicure but for your toes!
You can also get various types of pedicures too including:

  • Gel Pedicure – It’s the same as a pedicure but instead of a file and polish, you have gel or shellac.
  • Spa Pedicure – This type of pedicure includes more of a pampering. This could include a paraffin wax treatment, hot stone treatment, or deep tissue massage. 
  • Express Pedicure – This is a cheaper and quicker alternative to having a pedicure. It is simply having your nails filed, shaped, and painted without any soaking, filing, or treatment of your dead or dry skin.
  • Fish Pedicure – A fish pedicure involves tiny small fish often Garra Rufa to nibble away at your feet getting rid of any dead skin and usually lasts around 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Chocolate Pedicure – This pedicure is a bit of an unusual one but you soak your feet in warm chocolate which is supposedly meant to exfoliate your skin and soften it up, but we’ll let you try that one out for yourselves!

What Is The Cost Of A Pedicure?

The price of a pedicure can vary depending on the type of pedicure that you are having. Within the UK, a typical pedicure will cost you between £15 to £35. Some salons will offer the option of an express pedicure and this will roughly cost between £10 and £20.

It is always worth having a look at every salon you visit and enquiring about what happens during your pedicure treatment and figure out where you will get the best value and experience for your money. 

What Is Included In A Pedicure?

We offer relaxing pedicures and gel pedicures for all of our clients. Your feet will be soaked in a warm bath, your dead skin will be removed, and they will then be exfoliated and lotion will be massaged in. After this, you will have some cuticle work including your nails being cleaned and buffed, and your nails will be painted perfectly. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your toes done, simply give us a call or book directly through our Booksy app

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