Get To Know Our Lovely Team At Rosie’s Beauty

Rosie’s Beauty is run by both Rosie and Georgina. Rosie has just opened her own salon after being self-employed for 2 years and created her own brand… Rosie’s Beauty.

Rosie Edge

I love beauty, it’s my passion and I wake up every day looking forward to going to work, ready to make people feel good about themselves. I want to be someone who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” – Rosie Edge

Tell Us More About Yourself

I’m Rosie, I’m 27 and I am the owner of Rosie’s Beauty. I live in Nantwich and have 2 energetic dogs. My favourite colour is gold and I have purposely involved this in my logo and the salon to allow people to understand aspects of my personality. My favourite song is the Aces of Spades by Motorhead and one of my favourite films is Dirty Dancing… the soundtrack may be playing in the salon too I love it that much!

Tell Us More About Rosie’s Beauty…

I started beauty over 6 years ago and have worked in various beauty salons ever since then. To say that I am opening my own salon this year is one of the biggest achievements of my life. I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today and I am so fortunate to have my wonderful clients. 

I still have a notebook from 7 years ago, before I even started my beauty training, with all my plans for the future. I think it’s really important to follow your dreams and chase your goals to get to where you want to be in life. I envisioned to have my own salon, and it is now officially open! In 5 years, I hope that Rosie’s Beauty will expand and I will have another store somewhere in the UK!

Describe Yourself In Three Words

The three words I would choose to describe myself would be passionate, loyal and fun. I feel like these really describe my outlook on life and my salon. I want Rosie’s Beauty to be a bubbly and fun environment for my clients and I believe me and Georgina will create this, along with a friendly and professional approach in providing our services. 

What Is Your Favourite Treatment To Complete?

My favourite treatment to complete on a client is waxing. As I have been trained in this for many years I have become very quick at it, getting the best results for my clients. Although my second favourite is HD brows!

What Is The Best Thing About Working At Rosie’s Beauty?

My favourite thing about Rosie’s Beauty is that I can really show how creative I am. Beauty is such an amazing industry to work in and I really like how much it frequently changes. Being a beauty therapist allows me to spend time and create relationships with my clients. I really appreciate every single client I have and I am thankful for them in following my journey in creating my own business.

Georgina Taylor

Since joining the beauty industry it’s been my biggest achievement to date as it has always been a dream of mine.” – Georgina Taylor

Tell Us More About Yourself

My name is Georgina, I am 17 years old and live in Cheshire. One of my favourite colours is rose gold and my favourite drink is Fanta fruit twist! I am currently learning to drive and my favourite holiday destination so far has been New York and Washington D.C, although I do enjoy going to Wales with my family. 

Describe Yourself In Three Words

The best three words to describe me would be am determined, ambitious, and passionate. Since starting my apprenticeship with Rosie, I have not only learnt so many techniques and skills but also got to know Rosie and all of our clients. My aspirations in life would be to fully qualify as a beautician and travel the world on a cruise ship providing all aspects of beauty on board.

Why Rosie’s Beauty?

When I start researching beauty treatments on Instagram I discovered Rosie’s page and decided to ring to see if she had an apprenticeship position available. After contacting Rosie and having an interview, Rosie offered me the job. I’ve loved working for her ever since! 

Her work looked professional and she was always posting exciting things on her Facebook and Instagram which made me feel like she would be more friendly than other business owners I had seen online whilst looking for an apprenticeship. 

What Is Your Favourite Treatment To Complete?

At the moment I am still studying at college, however, I am already qualified in shellac gel polish, spray tans and eyelash extensions. One of my favourite treatments to complete, is gel nails. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, and every client is different and that’s exactly why I love it so much! 

Recently I have been studying eyelash treatments, whilst having the option of having eyelash extensions I have chosen lash lifts as I have healthy, natural and long lashes. 

What Is The Best Thing About Working At Rosie’s Beauty?

Working with Rosie is definitely the best thing about Rosie’s Beauty. She is so brilliant and is really enthusiastic about her career and loves her clients. I’m lucky to have been given the chance and apprenticeship from Rosie as she opened my eyes into the world of beauty. I stand by the quote what’s meant to be, will be” and I’m so happy that, it was to be working alongside Rosie in her new salon.

Rosie’s Beauty…

We are a friendly and bubbly team, providing you with a professional approach to our services. If you need any advice or information about our treatments and offers we have available then get in touch today! We are open from Monday to Saturday, and will always provide service with a smile…

3 thoughts on “Get To Know Our Lovely Team At Rosie’s Beauty

  1. Rosie Is fantastic and really does make you feel so special, you are the VIP in the room and truly are spoilt by her. Georgina is a lovely apprentice and I’m sure will learn a lot from Rosie and her positive work ethics, it’s always an enjoyable visit to Rosie’s, you always leave smiling not just from the fab treatments but the good company helps too.

  2. I have had nails and eyelashes done by Rosie and have always been so happy with the result. I recently had my chin and upper lip waxed and I haven’t needed repeated after 2 months, amazing!! I am always made to feel special and I so recommend Rosie, she also gives my husband a pedicure and he is very happy!!

  3. I had my first ever nail pampering at Rosie’s..she immediately made me feel welcome and special …made a lovely cuppa and spoke in a friendly and fun way…feels like I’ve known her forever..the whole time rosie made me feel so relaxed and pampered…my nails looked fabulous…had many comments on them ..can’t wait to go again…Ty rosie xx

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